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Nestled on the picturesque Qawra coastline, Qawra Palace Resort & Spa is more than just a place to stay; it’s a destination for unforgettable experiences. From tranquil relaxation to thrilling adventures, our resort offers a diverse array of activities that cater to every guest’s desires. In this blog, we’ll unveil the top five unmissable activities you can indulge in during your stay at our resort.

  1. Poolside Bliss: Qawra Palace Resort & Spa boasts not one but three inviting pools. Whether you prefer the rooftop pool with panoramic views, the seaside pool for direct beach access, or the indoor pool at the spa, our pools offer serenity, relaxation, and ample opportunities to bask in the Mediterranean sun.
  2. Culinary Delights: Satisfy your taste buds with a culinary journey around the world without leaving the resort. Explore our six bars and restaurants, each offering a unique dining experience. From Mediterranean fusion to Caribbean cuisine, our gastronomic offerings are sure to tantalize your palate.
  3. Wellness and Rejuvenation: Discover the ultimate in relaxation at our spa. Indulge in rejuvenating treatments, unwind in the sauna, steam room, or whirlpool, and emerge refreshed and renewed.
  4. Water Adventures: The Mediterranean beckons with thrilling water sports right from our beach. Try stand-up paddleboarding, jet skiing, or diving, and explore the wonders of the underwater world.
  5. Entertainment and Relaxation: Whether you prefer live entertainment or peaceful moments of solitude, our resort offers it all. Enjoy live music and themed nights or retreat to quiet corners to savor the beauty of our coastal haven.

Conclusion: At Qawra Palace Resort & Spa, every moment is an opportunity for relaxation, adventure, and indulgence. Whether you’re sipping cocktails by the pool, exploring the Mediterranean’s depths, or relishing international cuisine, our resort is designed to make your stay unforgettable. Come and experience the epitome of relaxation and entertainment on the sun-soaked shores of Qawra, Malta, at Qawra Palace Resort & Spa.

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