30 Jan


St Paul’s Bay is one of the numerous inlets of the island. It is the largest of the seaside resorts and is the most popular with locals and foreigners alike. Qawra is situated on the southward region from Bugibba and links up with Salina Bay, thus named due to the ancient salt pans which were constructed and are still standing today. They were built by the Knights of St. John; their use was for trade and local consumption salt. At the time when the British governed the island the pans had been repaired as they had been disused for a number of years, thus finding them to be most profitable in the early years of the nineteenth century.

The area has been recently developed and the Qawra Palace Hotel stands on the promenade facing Salina Bay. Qawra provides plenty of leisurely diversions including countless restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs. Qawra is 17.60km  NW of  Valletta and 19.20 km from the airport.